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25 Years of good Singer- Songwriter Music


The Moondog Show's first album "Far Beyond" was released 25 years ago, followed by three further long-play productions. Pink Pedrazzi and Pascal Biedermann were the driving force behind this band, which was very well received by the press and the public and has now achieved a kind of legendary status. In its anniversary year 2024, The Moondog Show will play a handful of concerts in selected venues. Back in the day the band started in the legendary Music Club “Atlantis” in Basel. That’s where they return with their first concert in many years on April 5, 2024.

Vor 25 Jahren erschien das erste Album «Far Beyond», gefolgt von 3 weiteren Produktionen. Pink Pedrazzi und Pascal Biedermann waren die treibende Kraft hinter dieser Band, die bei Presse und Publikum grossen Anklang fand und inzwischen eine Art Legendenstatus erreicht hat. Im Jubiläumsjahr 2024 wird "The Moondog Show" eine handvoll Konzerte in ausgesuchten Locations spielen. Heute wie damals stand am Anfang , wie könnte es anders sein, das Atlantis in Basel am 5. April 2024. 

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